It’s Soup Week!

Winter Quarter Soup Week – 2015


You know we have our PB&J making skillz down. If you’ve been to PB&J Night you know that 80 PB&J sandwiches are made and 80 lunches are packed in 20 to 30 minutes. It goes fast!

So once a quarter we like to switch it up – for us, but more for the guys we see at Civic Center Park each Friday.

They are always (always) so grateful for their peanut butter and jelly. But I know I would grow weary of the same lunch everyday. That’s why I love showing up at the Park on Soup Week!


We jump off the van with a folding table, serving spoons, and a bright orange five-gallon gatorade cooler. Steam pours from the lid as we open the cooler and start ladle-ing soup into insulated cups.

I love that we are serving healthy vegetables and good protein. I love that cold hands are being warmed by hot soup. Of course we have our critics. We hear: “more salt” or “more broth” ¬†- but mostly we hear words of gratitude. And my response, as always, is, “It’s the least we can do.”


We’d love to have you join us tonight for PB&J Night as usual. We meet in Nelson (private dining room) at 7:02PM and we will make the full lunch (sandwich, cookies, fruit) as usual. Following clean-up, we will head over to Groundwork at the Evanston Center and use their kitchen to chop veggies and make a Tuscan White Bean soup.

Contact Liza with any questions. See you tonight!

DPhone UPload 3-27 102


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