It’s Soup Week!

Winter Quarter Soup Week – 2015


You know we have our PB&J making skillz down. If you’ve been to PB&J Night you know that 80 PB&J sandwiches are made and 80 lunches are packed in 20 to 30 minutes. It goes fast!

So once a quarter we like to switch it up – for us, but more for the guys we see at Civic Center Park each Friday.

They are always (always) so grateful for their peanut butter and jelly. But I know I would grow weary of the same lunch everyday. That’s why I love showing up at the Park on Soup Week!


We jump off the van with a folding table, serving spoons, and a bright orange five-gallon gatorade cooler. Steam pours from the lid as we open the cooler and start ladle-ing soup into insulated cups.

I love that we are serving healthy vegetables and good protein. I love that cold hands are being warmed by hot soup. Of course we have our critics. We hear: “more salt” or “more broth”  - but mostly we hear words of gratitude. And my response, as always, is, “It’s the least we can do.”


We’d love to have you join us tonight for PB&J Night as usual. We meet in Nelson (private dining room) at 7:02PM and we will make the full lunch (sandwich, cookies, fruit) as usual. Following clean-up, we will head over to Groundwork at the Evanston Center and use their kitchen to chop veggies and make a Tuscan White Bean soup.

Contact Liza with any questions. See you tonight!

DPhone UPload 3-27 102


DenUM Presents, “The Game of Life”

Tonight at Groundwork Coffee House, DenUM’s Urban Education staff will lead us through a poverty simulation called, “The Game of Life”…

The Game of Life is a fun and interactive experience that gives participants the opportunity to adopt the identity of a real family for one month. Each family is living in poverty and on the brink of homelessness. Participants need to make some tough, yet realistic and creative decisions in order to survive. Do we buy diapers or food? What happens if we can’t pay the rent? Where do our children go when we’re at work? These are some of the many questions participants must answer as they take on life’s unique challenges each day. Can you survive the game of life?

Join us at 8:00 pm for espresso, tea, or hot cocoa. The Game will begin around 8:20! Let Liza know if you have any questions. Invite your friends and suitemates – see you tonight!

Groundwork is located at 2122 South Lafayette Street,

just a couple blocks west of campus.

You can find us in the Fireside Room of the Evanston Center for Spiritual Wholeness and Healing.